The Dangers of Posting Online

It seems an irony in this world: if you don’t have an on-line presence, then you don’t exist.  But if you ‘publish’ your artistic work on-line, then you do not qualify for any other kind of publication, and furthermore, your work lies open to theft.  It’s always been a prostitution game, showing art, music and writing.  Now, the venue has shifted, and the payment game has shifted.

And so, I’ve taken down all my creative projects on this site, as if they never happened.  I’ll have to figure out some other venue for the huge amount of creative things I do.

I discovered the other day that one of my creative hosting sites comes with some rather nasty terms and conditions.  In these terms I basically give away almost all claim to my intellectual property.  Even if you delete your work, which ends some of these terms and conditions, the site still reserves the right to resurrect your images from their database, and use them as they see fit.  I suppose this is the danger of posting art online.

Other artists have had their artwork sold to third companies without them knowing.  They’ve received no recognition and no payment.  These third companies then make a killing selling merchandise with others’ art, on tee shirts.  This other site even used their function as social media provider to vet the art first for popularity.

But this is business these days.  It’s getting rather widespread: advertising freedom and acceptance, when really they’re not only watching your activity for information, they’re betraying your livelihood.   They deleted the post that turned me onto this.  And here I am, a scruffy anorak, playing a familiar grumpy tune, out in the cold.  It’s hard to stay optimistic.



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